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This service encompasses sea transportation of oil, oil-products and LPG.  As of September 30, 2003, we are operating a 13-vessel fleet, consisting of 7 crude oil tankers, 3 product tankers and 3 LPG carriers. 

Tanker business requires safety as well as economy. With preservation of the environment in mind, the Company has been restructuring its entire tanker fleet into one that will eventually be a double-hulled fleet. Prevention of oil spill accidents at sea is a top-priority assignment of "K" LINE. In fact, as of September 2003, we are operating 9 double-hulled tankers out of a total of 10 vessels, excluding LPG carriers. We have an expansion plan to build 2 new crude oil tankers by fiscal 2004, all of which will be double-hulled. The outstanding feature of our services is the full-fledged consideration given to each carrier and its crew from the perspective of safety. The first objective is making utmost efforts to prevent any accident, and the second is being ready to cope with any accident if it should happen so as to control/minimize damage. The ways being exerted in practice are through classroom study, simulated drills by all people concerned and onboard training/experience. This self-evidently leads to upgrading "safety" in every sense throughout our services. Our aim is to provide the most secure and economical sea transportation services in an integrated combination of hardware and software.

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