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Japan depends on overseas for a variety of raw materials: woodchips, grain, etc., and this is where our specialized carriers come into play for the best interest of customers. Other efforts are being made to participate in the trades outside of Japan, and we will do our best to enrich everyone’s daily life with convenience and added comfort.

Our bulk-carrier service has been developing year-after-year. During Fiscal 2002 we operated an average of 9.5 million deadweight tons, carrying cargoes totalling 68 million tons in quantity including iron ore 33 million tons, coal 22 million tons, wood-chips/pulp 3.3 million tons, grain 3.7 million tons, etc. As part of our "KV-Plan" 3-year management plan ending March 31, 2005, "K" LINE will be a mega carrier operating with 10 million deadweight tons by the time the plan is completed.

Efforts are underway to satisfy market needs in the off-Japan trade as well as in the Japan-centred trade. Along this business direction, "K" LINE opened Bulk & Gas Division in "K" Line (Europe) Ltd. and started business operations at the end of May 2002, in addition to "K" Line Pte Ltd starting business operations in 2001 as a subsidiary of "K" LINE in Singapore. We are focusing our endeavours on developing new customers and increasing new business opportunities through regional-rooted business practices as well as on improvements in service to our existing customers.

 Our never-changing stance is "We will go wherever cargo requires."  


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