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Car Carrier

"K" Line Australia operates Pure Car Carrier vessels from and to many regions of the world and Australia is a large importer and exporter of passenger motor vehicles, heavy trucks and light commercials from various ports in Europe, North Asia, South East Asia and South America. Australia exports to the Middle East, United States of America, New Zealand, South East Asia and now European markets. "K" Line operates services to all these regions. The ports regularly serviced in Australia are Townsville, Brisbane, Port Kembla, Melbourne, Adelaide, Fremantle and Darwin. 

The structure, regularity and frequency of our international vessel scheduling also allows "K" Line to provide the option of Coastal shipment from Brisbane around to Fremantle, covering the ports of Sydney Melbourne and Adelaide, en route. The range of vehicles carried covers all facets of self driveable mobile cargoes, with occasional static pieces being carried accompanying the master unit. Excavators, Bulldozers , front wheel loader, fork lifts, buses, trucks, tractors, boats, caravans and cars all make up the variety of coastal cargo that can be accommodated.

On certain sailings (by pre arrangement) cargoes can be moved coastally from Adelaide, or Melbourne to Sydney and/or Brisbane. Additional ports can be catered for i.e. Port Kembla en route along the east coast northbound. 

As with all our services we are able to offer 'E' Documentation that are 'E' mail configured and transmitted, which by nature of the short transit times is paramount in ensuring no cargo delays are experienced, at the destination ports.


KLine Australia

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