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Containership Business has had the distinction of being the centrepiece of "K" Line’s global sea-transportation services. Providing stable and dependable services, this business has been continuously developing, expanding and being upgraded, with the present global network offering coverage around the world. By keeping abreast of changing business circumstances and in order to meet shipper requirements, we are also constantly reinforcing our company’s international competitiveness.

Against the backdrop of the recent increase in global trade, there comes more need for stability and speediness in container transport service. To cope with such customer needs, "K" Line been carrying out the planned deployment of a series of 13 brand new 5,500-TEU containerships with a speed of 25 knots. They have been deployed in the Pacific Northwest/Asia/Europe service route. This deployment also signifies that we have finished constructing the new East/West trunk line service framework. Completion of the trunk line makes it possible to achieve an increase in callings Chinese ports and to significantly reduce transit times. We have placed an additional order for 8 new 4,000-TEU Panamax type containerships that are to be delivered between 2004 and 2005. And furthermore, we have placed an order for four 8,000-TEU type and five 5,000-TEU type that will be delivered between 2006 and 2007. We are confident that we are able to satisfy customer needs with the best quality service available anywhere on the globe. 

Along with the various other innovations, the shipping industry is required to successfully ride the wave of rapidly advancing Information Technology (IT), and "K" Line is actively endeavouring to introduce and develop the most updated IT services. Our recognition of this obligation is exemplified by the information being provided on the Internet, by our acquiring membership in Bolero Net ahead of other domestic rivals and by our active participation in EDI (TEDI.) We are also taking part in GT Nexus, a joint portal site of shipping lines, demonstrating how positively we are coming to grips with the introduction and acceptance of e-commerce throughout our industry


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