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Benefits of Login

 Having a secure login to 'K' Line's website allows you to access additional features and functions relates to your specific business, such as:

 PRA Service

“K” Line’s highly acclaimed PRA (Pre Receival Advice) service enables exporters to lodge their own electronic PRA’s 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Unique to “K” Line (Australia) the PRA Service not only allows Exporters to utilise this business advantage with “K” Line bookings, but also with any other carrier within the industry.

 EDN Service

Our electronic EDN (Export Declaration Number) service offers exporters the leading edge advantage of using the “K” Line (Australia) system to send electronic EDN messages to customs officials in order to obtain the export authority number (EDN/CAN) for “K” Line and non “K” Line exports alike. Details may be entered directly by exporters or their agents, or managed directly upon request to “K” Line’s Customer Service staff.

 Detention enquiry

This is a customer-specific report that can only be access by customers who have applied for and been issued with a username and password. The Customer Detention Report has been designed to give the user a detailed overview of the status and location of all of  their containers and also provides the outstanding amounts payable as well as the number of free days applicable to thier containers. 

If you want to gain access to these functions then please complete the below form in order to receive your log-in details.

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